Soul’s gardens

Lucia Sarto features reality and nature in such a delicate and subtle way that tastes and smells as the most vivid of memories.
With every single brushstroke she composes pictures of landscapes, balconies and sea views that touch us only with the sweetest and most vital part of them which goes beyond the physical limits and pervades everything.

According to the impressionism dictates, she melts the borders of the shape and sets a totality that hangs in the gentle light of life, with the tones of the March sunlight, outlining clouds-like flower compositions which wrap the audience in an unreal atmosphere, as warm and comfortable as the May springtime breeze is.

Therefore the painting choices of the artist represent the way she faces life itself and her soul: she lives the constant renewal of an endless springtime and moves through events as peaceful and calm as the smooth waters of a river does, the same river that belongs to her most loving childhood memories.

Her works are also an invitation to experience the painting suggestions and to make them a personal treasure: let yourselves be enraptured by such an hanging-in-time beauty of a moment and fix it in your memory and make it a new way to face life.
Let’s try and enter one of her paintings.

Let’s imagine ourselves seated on a balcony full of flowers in the sunlight and springtime breeze, let’s enjoy the peace and tranquillity where thoughts became lighter.

That’s it : the very moment we loose ourselves in a sigh of relief, we find the passageway to that place within ourselves, doesn’t matter where we actually are, which is our true home, that undefined place where body, mind and soul merge together with the world and nourishing each other prepare ourselves to brave life.

Eleonora Borghese