An enchanted traveller.

By Veronica Balutto

I discovered Lucia’s works by chance, and it was one of those events that drive you to feel new emotions, that give you something and leave you with something you’ll bring along …

Did it ever happen to you, to meet someone you feel like you have been knowing each other from time immemorial, while walking down a street ? That’s what happened to me, as this artist touched something I had inside that now I want to tell you …

… The romantic painter of the moment, the aesthete of an almost familiar dimension: this is what, in few strokes, Lucia Sarto is for me.
Beyond the indubitable high quality of her art from both a technical and a figurative point of view, Lucia’s art is true, genuine and it mirrors her soul and her mind.

A world made of lights, reflexes and colours: with her deep sensibility Lucia succeeds in involving the audience in her romantic dimension, by repurposing, on canvas, signs and evidences of a real life or a kind of life that Lucia herself wants to live, a different life that she often allows ourselves to dream about, even just for a moment.

Lucia describes an almost enchanted world where an instant has got the definite value of catching the harmonious whole and the scent of bright seasons, catching thoughts, reflections and feelings. Everything which lies on the bottom of the observer’s soul.

Trough architectonical foreshortenings and careful portraits of the characters, the detail in Lucia’s works is always interesting: a particular view, a less frequented corner … everything is impressed with innocent beauty and high vitality, all unmistakable artist’s marks.

Each canvas is a non-stop discovery: lights and shadows alternate so that every canvas is a journey within imaginary worlds made of reflections and colours, made to dream but also to reflect about the moment, the very moment that the artist decided to represent with profound mastery.

The work of art is a continuous discovery, it’s unpredictable, and it comes from nothing everyday: it’s Lucia’s sweetness’ and tenderness’ duty, as an enchanted traveller, not to stop making us dream.

Veronica Balutto
Lignano, June 2008