“PERSPECTIVES” by Lucia Sarto

Introducing Lucia Sarto’s artworks is always a special privilege to me. Throughout the years, I have had the honour to introduce her art in prestigious locations, such as museums, monumental buildings, castles and other UNESCO sites in Sicily (Cefalù, Monreale, Palermo), as well as in other places in Italy as Rome and Padua. I wish to express my gratitude to Donatella Bedello Melori, the gallery owner who firstly introduced Lucia Sarto’s artworks to me back in 2015...


Beautiful Ballerina

Meena Narayan from Gulf Connoisseur All of your women bear resemblance to one woman, who is this woman who inspires you…I mean, don’t they have the same visage? Women have always been central subjects in my artistic research of ideal beauty. There are some recurring details because I think they are most representative of my inner truth (what I intimately believe in) about feminine beauty, regarding both inner values and exterior aesthetic ...


Color, trasparencies and poetry

Color, trasparencies and poetry “God made man in his image and likeness, Art is the closest resemblance between man and God” From a careful and meditated reading of her most refined works, you may feel an ethereal romanticism jealously guarded within the heart and subsequently sublimated into some transparent colourings - just whispered - [...]


Soul’s gardens

Soul's gardens Lucia Sarto features reality and nature in such a delicate and subtle way that tastes and smells as the most vivid of memories. With every single brushstroke she composes pictures of landscapes, balconies and sea views that touch us only with the sweetest and most vital part of them which goes beyond [...]


An enchanted traveller

An enchanted traveller. By Veronica Balutto I discovered Lucia’s works by chance, and it was one of those events that drive you to feel new emotions, that give you something and leave you with something you’ll bring along … Did it ever happen to you, to meet someone you feel like you have been [...]


Lucia Sarto

Nasce a Udine e la sua formazione culturale/artistica avviene tra l’Accademia di Belle Arti di Venezia e a Torino. Oggi vive e crea nell’ “officina della sua anima artistica “a Lignano Sabbiadoro, nel suo Atelier/Gallery, dove convergono privati, galleristi e altri stimatori di Lucia Sarto da tutto il mondo. L’artista friulana è difatti amatissima [...]


The Poetics of the moment

The poetics of painting - those of Lucia Sarto. Poetics that are expressed through light and subtle brushstrokes, which capture us and push us exactly towards that "beyond" from which they come. Admiring one of her works transports us to undertake an imaginative journey within the image, in a world of light, reflections and [...]