Color, trasparencies and poetry

“God made man in his image and likeness, Art is the closest resemblance between man and God”

From a careful and meditated reading of her most refined works, you may feel an ethereal romanticism jealously guarded within the heart and subsequently sublimated into some transparent colourings – just whispered – whereas the great sensibility of the Artist exorcizes the miracle, always new, of nature and life, within the slow unwinding of time.

Endowed with a cultural education of great depth, Lucia Sarto “tells” landscape and figures by means of a persuasive spiritual appeal that allows a closed dialogue with herself and with the infinite, in an heap of silent emotions which are completely shareable due to proved elective affinities with the wonderful impressionistic values of creation.

Then the wide and sunny views kissed by the quivering light, carefully selected from life, state exclusive horizon lines that turn into poetic ovations: a phantasmagorical universe swarming with tones that from sheer impressions become well established expressions in a boundless path with the existential sovereign of gestural thought.

Let’s hint at a pictorical line of greatness, pursued and undertaken as a vocational mission, as a new palingenesis to which we can refer to identify the supreme ideals of beauty and universal love.

Far beyond the many representative adventures of each canvas, you can feel a discreet salvific energy, where distant mnemonic assonances and the premonitions about future destinies of the new millennium, does coexist in a pure state and in every addendum of the dictation, expressing concretely a mediterranean painting, placed at the metaphysical limit of imagination, enabling ourselves to recognize the very meaning of life.

And, towards such direction, Lucia Sarto’s work converts every image into symphony.

Aldo Albani  
Grugliasco, May 2008