Art to wear

Clothes project


Transfering the painting from canvas to pure silk, is like reliving the essence and harmony of colour from Lucia Sarto’s paintings. The floreal collection are unique models and are made by hand by a dressmaker in the sing of refinement and elegance. Thanks to the collaboration with a young stylist it’s possible to personalize models for subjects on request.

Artistic bags


The Artistic Bag idea goes back to some time ago; only now I have succeded on my project. Looking for ductility and valued  skins, skilled craftsman, capable to cooperate with passion and harmony with my idea has been long and binding but finally the aim has been fulfilled. A mixture of calibrated colour, fantasy and originality to live every day in every season and time.



The idea comes from the desire to make it possible to live art as an elegant jewel, a precious ornament capable of creating images of vibrant emotions suffused with colors. The passion that has always distinguished my work is transferred from my paintings to objects through a line that links art to design with the aim of reaching women capable of making unusual choices.