In my “soul garden” that  I was cultivating for some time  a  dream to be able to transfer on impalpable material  my printed subject so that they could live again a second life, to make them precious by the iridescent transparency on a crepe of silk or on an a  t-shirt that as enchantment in a refined article sometime improved by lace or strass. Its then that poppies, tulips, sunflowers and Venice at sunset that enhances a skin-coloured top, light up and transforms the textile in an unique masterpieces to wear .

Artistic Bags

It is a feminine story, created from a woman to the woman who knows how to dare, knowing her own “fascination” in love with the beauty in all her appearance. A mixture of calibrated colour, fantasy and originality to live every day in every season and time. The Artistic Bag idea goes back to some time ago; only now I have succeded on my project. Looking for ductility and valued  skins, skilled craftsman, capable to cooperate with passion and harmony with my idea has been long and binding but finally the aim has been fulfilled.


The Idea

The idea originates from the desire to make it possible “to live” the  art as an elegant piece of jewellery, a precious ornament capable, when worn, to create images of vibrating emotions suffused with intriguing colours . The passion which distinguishes my work since ever, is the loyalty to a universal concept of beauty transfered from my paintings on canvas to the objects through an ideal line which connects art to design with the aim of reaching the women who like wearing coloured cloths conscious of their charm and able to make unusual choices.

The creation of the jewels

The jewels are first modeled/shaped in polimery paste, engraved and carved and then painted and enameled with polished resins. Thanks to the ductility and malleability of the materials, plastic art and painting melt to create shape effects and light vibrations, the whole supported by inclusions of gold and silver inserts and frames.